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Meet Indigo Skye. She’s our loving 10-year-old Old English Sheepdog with the personality everyone she meets falls in love with.

Indigo is our mascot here at Luxx Chocolat! Always happy, jumping and energetic not indicative of her years. A forever puppy. Smart, intuitive…

and knowing there’s something wrong.


Indigo was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front left leg, a bone cancer, that does not have a good prognosis even with current treatment approaches. Osteosarcoma is prevalent and is the most common type of bone tumors in dogs. They are highly aggressive tumors, characterized by painful bone destruction where the tumor grows.


My goal is to provide the time she has left with as good a quality of life that can be achieved. Through her tests which include a series of x-rays of chest and leg, blood draws and fine needle aspiration, the multiple doctors on her case in NJ, NY and Mass have concluded her cancer has not yet metastasized thankfully. She has so much more life she needs to live.


I’ve done the research, explored various treatment paths, including homeopathic methodologies. All of which are too limiting or financially challenging, so I’m turning to Tuft’s University at the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, N. Grafton, MA and GoFundMe to provide hope for Indigo and for all future dogs that will get osteosarcoma.


I’m asking please for your support to help get her through this clinical trial and beyond, which is not only to benefit her, but to benefit all future dogs that will get osteosarcoma.


Although there are costs covered by the trial, many things are not covered. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Please donate what you can, even if it’s only $10.

What do you get? A possible better future for dogs with osteosarcoma AND Indigo will be personally thanking each and every person (and donating doggo!) if you leave us your email or Instagram account. 


Please share with your friends and family. THANK YOU


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