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Experience the perfect girl’s night or a really different and delicious party for couples! 

If you’re in the NY metropolitan area, Luxx Chocolat will come to you and help make your get together or party even more special, fun and entertaining. Who wouldn’t enjoy an evening of elegant and edgy handcrafted jewelry shopping and an artisan chocolate and wine tasting?



What's in it for me? A party that fun and highly memorable for your guests! Plus free Luxx Chocolat award-winning artisan chocolates for the tasting and a special handcrafted jewelry gift for the host or hostess worth 10% of the jewelry sold that evening! All you need to do is have a minimum of 10 guests show up and cover the cost of the wine for the pairings.

What kind of jewelry? Along with the decadent tasting, Luxx Bling, handcrafted jewelry designed by Lisa Mecray Rogers, will be displayed for your guests. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and features real pearls, natural precious and semi-precious stones in either sterling silver or 14KTGF. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets... This party does not feature mass produced jewelry from overseas like other jewelry parties. Luxx is the good stuff… Prices range from $25 to $450 a piece. 


Hit the button above and let’s get a party on the calendar! 

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