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hot choxx


Create a stir... Decadent, award-winning hot drinking chocolate is yours in minutes. Not wimpy cocoa, but the real thing...real chocolate European style so it's rich and thick. Make Hot Choxx with your choice of milk or choose dairy-free with nut or other alternative milks. Hot Choxx Shots can be made vegan too! All gluten-free.

Luxx Chocolat Hot Choxx on a straw is the first and only to combine everything needed for the perfect cup of hot drinking chocolate - the finest dark chocolate, a flavor pocket, handcrafted marshmallow and a straw! It's the most convenient way to prepare and experience each cup. 


Just scald 8oz of whole milk or milk substitute. Dip or pour in Luxx Hot Choxx and stir until melted and smooth. Replace milk with half & half or cream, or add your favorite liqueur to make more decadent…oh yeah. 

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