Let's make an experience... Torch your own Luxx'Mores artisan s'mores! City, suburbs or country...this is a clean and faster solution.


Forget the clunky and junky mass-produced graham crackers and memory-foam marshmallows for your s'mores... Handcrafted, all-natural and additive-free is where it's at. Pure artisan deliciousness, all from an award-winning Master Chocolatier.


Grab this kit and head out onto the patio or any outside area.. Light it up! Make your own torchy, different, decadent and elegant version of s'mores with your own mini campfire. Luxx burlap drawstring bag includes EVERYTHING you need for fun deliciousness, not just a few things which leave you hunting through your kitchen drawers...


Luxx’Mores artisan s’mores feature a Luxxelles salted caramel wafer and handcrafted marshmallow. Torch them to your own view of perfection…and squish them together with another crunchy handcrafted wafer. All natural ingredients, no preservatives.


What's included:

  • Your bonfire - a great portable and safe heat source. Uses non-toxic recycled soy wax, and that means no smoky smell, as well as low soot. It is the perfect substitution for a messy fire pit. There's no embers flying around that you'll have to worry about burning holes in your clothes and chairs. It comes in a small bonfire tin that is filled with wax that you just need to start with a torch lighter, and it will build all on its own into a large bonfire that you can sit around wherever you are!
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Safe and easy to use
    • A bonfire that's all contained within a tin
    • It's super easy to light
    • 3-4 hours of burn time
    • Size: 4 in x 2 in
  • 2 paper serving trays
  • 2 toasting sticks
  • 2 napkins
  • Black tin of matches, to strike on any rough surfaces
  • 2 Luxxelles salted caramel wafers
  • 2 Luxx handcrafted marshmallows - choose your flavors
  • 2 Luxxelles crunchy wafers
  • 7 mini artisan chocolate slabs

All in a burlap drawstring pouch


Make your get together unforgettable!


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One-time purchase
$56.00monthly/ 3 months