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BKBAR - Bee's Knees Salted Caramel Bar

BKBAR - Bee's Knees Salted Caramel Bar


BKBar...Luxx Chocolat has raised the bar!  PREORDER NOW - TO BE AVAILABLE END OF JANUARY


Modeled after our award-winning Bee's Knees artisan chocolate! This more than tasty bar will leave you begging for more...


Creamy, mouthwatering caramel infused with Jack Daniels Honey Whisky, 1800 Reposado Tequila, apple cider and a dash of fennel citrus sea salt. Mouth-watering deliciousness. Multi Gold Medal winner in the Luxury Caramel Competition given by the International Chocolate Salon and TasteTV.


Hand painted design

Out of Stock
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