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Air fryer recipe but can be adapted for the oven.

Ever been in the mood for rack of lamb but only have lamb loins, chops or leg? Here's the secret to elevating the flavor. The key to the transformation is Luxx'Spice Cacao Rub with a couple of embellishments! And, I did this in an air fryer in just 14 minutes. No one will be able to tell you literally just whipped this up. OMG delicious. Gluten-free (without the Panko). And SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!

This is the best, easy "rack of" lamb recipe. And yes, it's made with cacao! And no, your dish will not taste like chocolate. Cacao is a functional ingredient, adding more dimension, balance, and a slight smokiness. Cacao also smooths the rough edges of spice.

Delicious air fryer roasted "rack of" lamb loin made with Luxx'Spice Cacao Rub from Luxx Chocolat award-winning chocolate

One thing to remember is that you don't have to be a chef or even like to cook to use Luxx'Spice Cacao Rub. It's that little miracle that requires very little effort and it will taste like you're in a fine 5-star restaurant. Ready?

  • 3 lamb loins, lamb chops or leg of lamb. Choose the thickest cut. We had loin chops about 2" thick. For leg of lamb, double or triple the recipe enough to coat all meat surfaces. Your timing may need to be adjusted or cut down the meat to 2-3". Have meat at room temperature if possible

  • 2 TB of Luxx'Spice Cacao Rub (only from Luxx Chocolat)

  • 4 TB of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus enough to coat all sides of the meat

  • 2 teaspoons of Inglehoffer stone ground mustard

  • Panko crumbs - enough to create a paste (use if not gluten sensitive)

  • Air fryer or oven


  • Coat all sides of the meat with olive oil

  • Make a paste by combining the 4 TB of olive oil, mustard, Luxx'Spice Cacao Rub and panko in a bowl, mix

  • Apply a thin layer of paste on each piece. both sides. No need to leave it on like a marinade

  • Time to cook!

Air Fryer:

  • 400 degrees on Roast setting

  • Roast for approximately 14 minutes for medium rare, Use platform for the drawer-style air fryer. I didn't even need to flip the meat!

Luxx'Spice Cacao Rub

The most versatile and delicious rub you will ever have for steaks, chicken, pork, lamb, eggs. any kind of fish and, of course, a wide variety of vegetables. Even avocado toast!

Oh-inspiring deliciousness. Cacao, locally roasted espresso, a touch of garlic, onion, a slight kick with red chilies and other spices in our proprietary blend.

And yes…it’s vegan. Even try it on air fried tofu!


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