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Just a little chocolate and wine pairing to tantalize the taste buds...


This cute black paper box is designed to hang from a bottle of wine. It contains 3 decadent chocolates beautifully paired with our selection of wine. And although we have generalities in the OPTIONS available, we do not just pair with a varietal. We go beyond and create masterful chocolate pairings with a specific wine, vintage, flavors and aromas. And that pairing features an award-winning artisan chocolate bonbons created by Master Chocolatier, Luxx Chocolat...not just a square of chocolate.


We provide the chocolate deliciousness and you provide the wine based on our specific expert recommendation. Unfortunately we can't ship wine due to liquor laws.We will even provide links to where the wine may be purchased. Have a bottle already you'd like to pair with? Email us at


Ideal as a fun evening, gift to friends, family and even event guests. Say "Thank you" and "I'm thinking of you" in award-winning artisan chocolate.


3 artisan chocolates (same flavor or varied TBD based on availability) in either 70% or 72% dark chocolate (cacao Ecuador, Venezuela). Handcrafted, preservative-free, gluten-free.

Packaged in a black paper box designed to hang from a wine bottle. Pairing card included. Wine not included.


Need 40+ of the same design? We offer special pricing and customization for your messaging, special event, company or brand. Interested in a ChocoVin chocolate & wine tasting? Email us at

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One-time purchase
Memorable monthly subscriptions
$15.20every month for 3 months
  • Perishable

    IMPORTANT: Luxx Chocolat chocolate is created using the world's finest chocolate and the highest quality, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients - no preservatives, no artificial flavors. As a result, the shelf life of the chocolates is approximately 3 weeks. Please enjoy within that time. Luxx Chocolat cannot be responsible for the status of the chocolates after shelf life after this time.

    NOTE: Warm weather shipping charge of $7 may be added to the $2 handling charge. Will not be necessary during cooler seasons. 
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